This is one of my (Merlin Silk’s) oldest domains, and it was running a very early blog on Flemming’s New Civilization Network. Problems with Google not finding all the older posts and then the inability to see some comments, together with the emergence of Merlin the Silk, blogging shifted over to Merlin Silk dot com.

There were some attempts to revitalize this site with a new theme, but things did not work out, mostly for lack of an idea what to really do with the site.

Now we have another such attempt and we’ll how that will work out. This current revival was actually prompted by the latest wordpress update to 3.1.x. There are quite a few wordpress blogs running onĀ  my servers, and whenever an important update of wordpress comes out, I run a script that updates all those blogs.

I have not figured out yet on how to script that last part of the procedure where I go to http://www.each-domain.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php in a browser to potentially update/upgrade the underlying database. This last step makes me look at all the blogs running on my server and this is the point where I still see the domains which I had not recovered after the last server crash.

Sticking out like a sore thumb, zensory.com was one of those sores and last night I finally fixed it. With the idea of using each obstacle as a stepping stone, I improved the blog when I took that step and also added gorgeous Google fonts.

There you have it!